A complete list of Dr. Clark’s publications can be found on his Google Scholar’s Page, and pdf files are posted on his ResearchGate Page. (Both Links Open New Window).

Most Recent:

  1. Modifications to a common phosphorylation network provide individualized control in caspases.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 293, 5447-5461. 2018
    Thomas, ME| Grinshpon, R.| Swartz, P. | Clark AC
  2. Tunable allosteric library of caspase-3 identifies coupling between conserved water molecules and conformational selection.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 113, 6080-6088. 2016
    Maciag, JJ | MacKenzie SH | Tucker MB | Schipper, JL | Swartz, PD | Clark AC
  3. Phage display and structural studies reveal plasticity in substrate specificity of caspase-3a from zebrafish.
    Protein Science 25, 2076-2088. 2016
    Tucker, MB | MacKenzie SH | Maciag, JJ | Dirscherl Ackerman, H | Swartz, PD | Yoder, JA | Hamilton, PT | Clark AC
  4. Caspase allostery and conformational selection.
    Chemical Reviews 116, 6666-6706. 2016
    Clark AC
  5. Caspases – Key Players in Apoptosis,
    in Proteases in Apoptosis: Pathways, Protocols and Translational Advances, Bose K. (ed.), Springer, pp 31-51. 2015
    Cade C | Clark AC
  6. Modifying caspase-3 activity by altering allosteric networks.
    Biochemistry 53: 7582-95. 2014
    Cade C | Swartz P | MacKenzie SH | Clark AC |