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Welcoming the New Class – 7 Habits of Successful Students

It's in the Syllabus

It’s in the Syllabus

Welcome to the new freshman class and transfer students. Here are a few suggestions to make your college career successful. My list is not based on surveys or other scientific methods. Rather, I’ve noticed that students who are successful at University develop some or all of the following habits. 

7 Habits of Successful Students:

1. Don’t Panic – The faculty and staff can help you solve your problems.

2. Pay Close Attention to:

  • Syllabus – Many of the answers are posted in many places and in many ways.
  • Course Calendar – a quick way to see when assignments are due.
  • Announcements made in class and posted on the course page.
  • Exam Schedule – Be prepared and on time. Don’t wait until the day before the exam to study the course materials.

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